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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MsgBox Response Values Not Returned

I ran into a very odd problem today. I was programming some VBScript into a ShelbyQUERY report design, and I wanted to give the user a Yes/No option using a MsgBox() function. Normally I just use MsgBox() to inform the user of things or to double-check my own work during development by popping up variable values during execution. So normally the only button to click is "OK," and the program resumes after the click.

But today I wanted to know if the user clicked "Yes" or if he clicked "No," so I changed the parameters and tried to capture the value of the click. But I started to get unexpected results, and I got the same thing if I clicked "Yes" or "No," either one.

After doing some digging and double-checking the value being returned from the MsgBox() buttons, I discovered that no values were being returned. I tested this with a much simpler case that was not part of the main script, and sure enough, it verified that the MsgBox() function is returning no values to the main script.

I believe the problem is not with VBScript per se, but with the implementation of it in the Report Designer (the Shelby v.5  flavor of ActiveReports). InputBox() works just fine, but MsgBox() does not, apparently.

So, when you are writing VBScript for the ShelbyQUERY Report Designer, my advice to you is to use MsgBox() only for informational pop-up messages and not for capturing responses. InputBox() is the only way to capture a response from the user, even when you just need a "yes/no" response.

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